Take flight with ease

Take flight with ease

You’ve booked your pet’s in-cabin flight and the trip’s right around the corner. But don’t rest easy until you’ve checked these items off your list.

First and foremost, make sure you have a plan in case your pet escapes in the airport. If she doesn’t have a microchip, try a GPS tracking collar. And along with her permanent ID tag, attach a trip tag to her collar that contains travel information. For birds, wing clipping is a must to prevent fly-aways.

Organize a pet kit — that is, a photo and description of your pet, copies of vaccinations and a signed health certificate. And don’t forget your buddy’s medications and some food in the event of unexpected layovers.

It’s best not to feed your dog or cat for several hours before the flight. And providing some pre-flight exercise just may help him rest easier onboard.

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