Flooding pets with risks

Flooding pets with risks

We’ve all seen images of areas hit by floods — but what many of us don’t see are the ongoing dangers pets face due to flood waters.

Beyond the risk of drowning, pets face many physical threats during and after flooding. Barbed wire, splintered wood and other materials hidden under water can cause serious injuries.

Prolonged exposure to water itself can also damage an animal’s skin. In addition, lingering waters form a bacterial soup that can cause diseases like leptospirosis or salmonellosis. And flood waters often contain chemicals that can damage the skin, eyes and other delicate tissues.

Even when flood waters recede, the residual moisture draws mosquitoes, which can transmit heartworm and other diseases.

So, if you’re in an area at risk for floods, ask your veterinarian about ways to protect your pets before disaster strikes.

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