Salt lamps can endanger curious pets

Salt lamps can endanger curious pets

Himalayan salt lamps are popular decorative item, and some folks even claim they have health benefits. That remains unproven, but one thing’s for sure: salt lamps can pose risks for pets.

The glow of salt lamps is created by bulbs placed inside chunks of pink Himalayan salt. The light is soothing to us and can be equally appealing to our pets.

The problem is, some pets like to lick the salt. In fact, they can crave it like we do salty snacks. But in small animals, a little salt goes a long way. Too much can cause neurologic deficits, ranging from dullness and staggering to seizures.

Their curiosity, coupled with a penchant for leaping onto surfaces, means that cats are usually most at risk. But if you’re a pet parent, you don’t need to get rid of your salt lamp. Just keep it out of your buddy’s reach.

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