Millennial pet preferences seal the deal

Millennial pet preferences seal the deal

Millennials — individuals who are around 20 to 40 years old in 2018 — make up a powerful market demographic. And they have an impressive penchant for pets.

Nearly three quarters of millennials are pet parents and a whopping 90 percent of millennials who bought homes in 2018 had pets. Of those, nearly 80 percent of millennials who closed on a home said they would have walked away from an otherwise dream home if it wasn’t right for their pet.

So, what constitutes a pet-friendly parcel for a millennial? Pooch parents want lots of outdoor space, while cat fanciers crave indoor options for litter box placement. Some folks might see a grooming station in a mudroom, while millennials with senior pets might see stairs as a deal breaker.

The bottom line is that for most millennials, their pets seal the deal.

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