Beware of scams preying on would-be pet parents

Beware of scams preying on would-be pet parents

Scams abound on the internet these days and some of the worst prey on would-be pet adopters.

A typical scenario begins when an aspiring pet parent finds a cute pet photo online. The seller is happy to ship the animal once you pay for it by wire transfer. Next come other fees, like veterinary bills or insurance, that have to be paid before shipment. Alternatively, the pet is free but these “unavoidable” expenses still need to be met upfront. Problem is, there’s no pet at all — just photos pirated from the internet.

Even more sinister are people posing as the owners of lost pets advertised as “found” on classified ad websites. Once fraudsters get their hands on these pets, they turn around and sell them.

So, do your homework before adopting. Meet prospective pets up front, work with reputable sellers and make traceable payments.

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