CDC bans dog importations from certain countries

CDC bans dog importations from certain countries

This summer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suspended the importation of dogs from 113 countries that are at high risk for rabies transmission.

Compared to 2019, over 50 percent more of these dogs have been arriving with false or incomplete rabies paperwork. The United States has not had a case of dog-associated rabies since 2007, although rabies is still transmitted by from other animals. The CDC is looking to keep this run intact.

At least 60 thousand dogs are expected to fall under the temporary ban, although the number could be as high as 120 thousand. And while most international animal welfare organizations understand the reasons behind the ban, many would like to see less drastic means used to reach the same goal.

Details on the ban — including exemptions and countries affected — are available on the CDC website.

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