Keeping mail carriers safe from our pooch pals

Keeping mail carriers safe from our pooch pals

It may be a cliché, but a dog attacking a mail carrier is no laughing matter.

Last year, over 58 hundred postal workers were attacked by dogs, more than the previous year. There may be several reasons why: more people were at home, more orders were delivered, and more dogs were adopted during the pandemic.

One thing’s for certain: we all need to help protect delivery folks. So, if a package is delivered to your door, put your dog in a separate closed room before opening the entry. Also, ask children and others in the family not to take mail directly from the postal carrier. Some dogs see that as a threat to their humans.

Take note: if postal carriers consider your dog a threat, they can refuse to deliver mail to your home. So, to avoid frequent treks to the post office, corral your pooch and help keep mail carriers safe.

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