Summertime ramps up the risk of ear problems

Summertime ramps up the risk of ear problems

Summertime is full of fun for lots of our pets, but risks abound too. For example, animals that swim or have sensitivities to airborne allergens are at risk of developing ear problems.

But dogs — and even cats — can suffer from ear issues all year round from other causes too, including food allergies, bacterial or yeast infections, mites, foreign objects and trauma.

Some of the most obvious signs of ear problems in pets include head shaking, scratching, a foul odor and sensitivity to touch around the ears. Affected ears may also be red and swollen. If the inner ear is damaged, neurologic signs — like imbalance, a head tilt or asymmetric pupils — may be front and center. These animals need to be treated right away.

The good news is that most ear problems resolve with timely veterinary treatment targeting the cause.

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