Seed Diets Are for the Birds

Seed Diets Are for the Birds

The saying, “you are what you eat,” is especially apt for pet birds. Proper nutrition is a key ingredient in a long, healthy avian life.

For years, people thought that all birds were about the same and that they all ate seeds. Today we know that birds need a wide variety of foods, with seeds having only a limited role.

Any bird diet should be built around a well-balanced commercial feed, with items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and even meat and dairy added for variety. Cooked foods are good but shouldn’t be left in the cage for longer than 30 minutes to prevent spoilage. And don’t forget that fresh, clean water should always be available.

Your vet can refer you to books, websites and pet magazines that offer authoritative information on nutrition for your bird buddy. So get cooking on ways to spice up meals for your avian gourmet.


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