Perils of cats in trees

Perils of cats in trees

Whether scaling bookshelves or kitchen counters, most cats love to climb. The problem comes when they can’t make their way down.

For cats who end up outdoors, the lure of a tree can be irresistible. Feline paws and nails are made to grasp bark as they climb up, and their hind legs are built to cushion jumps to the ground. Problems arise when they climb too far to safely leap down. That’s because their retractable claws are curved, making it almost impossible for them to back down a tree trunk.

If your cat isn’t too far up, you might enlist a neighbor to steady your ladder as you lean in for the rescue. But with higher-level saves, it’s safer to reach out to the experts — like those on

The best plan of all is to keep your kitty safe inside where a cat tree won’t put her in danger.

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