Is life without pain possible, or even preferable?

Is life without pain possible, or even preferable?

John Lennon used to share his dreams of a world with no pain, and one woman in Scotland seems to be making that dream a reality.

After undergoing treatment for severe joint degeneration in her hip, the woman felt no pain and even turned down painkillers. Given the nature of her condition and the treatment she required, her inability to feel pain caught the attention of the medical community. Researchers found the woman also has very little anxiety and fear and may possess superior wound-healing abilities.

So now, you’re probably asking: Where do I get some of that for myself? That’s what researchers are attempting to answer.

They found that a gene tied to the enzyme that generates pain response was inactive in this woman. This gene was always thought to have no value in the production of pain, but now researchers are taking a second look.

While her condition sounds like it is straight out of a superhero movie, and with all of the aches and pains that come along with life, sometimes we all wish we could be immune to pain. However, living a pain-free life also comes at a cost.

The woman has a lifelong history of burns that often occur unnoticeably because she can’t feel the warning signs. She also experiences memory lapses, like forgetting words while speaking.

Researchers are now looking into how they could use the genotype of this woman to help with future treatments, such as postsurgical treatments and wound healing. They believe there could be many more people out there with this condition, given the fact that this woman lived over 60 years before she became aware of it.

Maybe someday we will all live in a world free of life’s aches and pains. Imagine that.

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