How love and ingenuity saved a miniature horse

How love and ingenuity saved a miniature horse

There’s no doubt that veterinary medicine requires compassion. But sometimes, it’s thinking outside the box that saves the day — and the animal.

After a miniature horse was found down in a field, his veterinarian diagnosed a dislocated right hip. That’s a very rare injury in a horse — and one that’s virtually impossible to fix in a full-sized animal.

This little guy was referred to the equine surgery unit at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Because he had the build of a well-muscled, good-sized dog, he was a good candidate for a canine surgery.

The top of his thigh bone was removed, solving the hip joint problem while allowing his muscles to support his leg. After the mini’s dedicated owner provided post-op physical therapy, he was back to his old self.

So, when love teams up with skill and ingenuity, big things can happen.

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