First aid after feline falls

First aid after feline falls

Even the most intrepid feline climbers and leapers can fall. That’s when we need to monitor them for problems that require veterinary care.

Some injuries are obvious right away but others take time to manifest. Lameness, difficulty breathing, lethargy or abnormal vocalization can all be signs of injury or pain. Lack of urination might indicate bladder injury while difficulty eating could mean a broken jaw.

Panting or other signs of respiratory distress necessitate immediate veterinary attention. The same goes for bleeding, open wounds and fractures. Place a cloth on a wound and apply gentle pressure to help stop bleeding.

Moving an injured cat gently is crucial. In a pinch, you can use a baking sheet or similar sturdy surface to act as a stretcher.

Most cats recover well after falls — if they get the veterinary care they need.

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