Find the motivation to get up and active

Find the motivation to get up and active

Feeling sluggish? Can’t remember the last time that you went for a run or worked out? You’re not alone. As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, the desire to exercise has waned for many people.

There are several possible reasons. We’re spending more time than ever before at home, thrown out of daily routines that, for many, included workout sessions. Our routines now include added housework and childcare responsibilities. When we spend more time at home, it’s easier to find distractions such as binge-watching our favorite shows.

However, it’s important for us to get active because physical activity has plenty of benefits beyond physical health. Exercise is helps us decompress, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression and boosts our immune system.

How can we find the motivation to get more active? Fitness experts say we must be intentional about exercise and establish a consistency to working out. For example, plan to work out the same time every day. Keep yourself accountable by using a calendar to check off every day that you exercise. If your gym is now open but you’re not ready to return to a communal setting where the virus that causes COVID-19 may be easily spread, determine a workout area of your home. This can be a dedicated room or a mat in the corner of your bedroom. You can find a variety of workout videos, from yoga to cardio, on YouTube and through fitness studios that are offering virtual workouts.

Need an incentive? After your workout, give yourself a reward, a healthy treat or a lazy hour of watching your favorite show or listening to music. It might give you the motivation that you need to take care of yourself physically.

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