Doing right by donkeys

Doing right by donkeys

Many animals need our help worldwide, but in the chaos of global emergencies, some get lost in the shuffle. One is the humble donkey.

As the quintessential beast of burden, donkeys spend most of their lives in service to humans. You’d think that would be enough to ensure their good care but instead, donkeys are often mistreated. These small equines are often pushed beyond their endurance. For example, some countries draw tourists by advertising “donkey taxis.” And because donkeys rarely complain, it’s not uncommon for heartless folks to cruelly target them “just for fun.”

But once you get to know them, donkeys will reveal their intelligence, playfulness and affection. You might even see their inquisitive, precocious side.

Sometimes the animals we take for granted are the ones that need us the most — and can surprise us in return.

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