Dangers for cats during the dog days of summer

Dangers for cats during the dog days of summer

Cats love warm weather, but it can be riddled with risks.

Many problems can be avoided by keeping your cat inside — or at least confined to an enclosed patio. But for cats roaming freely, it’s a much more dangerous world.

Cats like their sunbaths, but sometimes they choose places that get way too hot. So, keep them away from cars, greenhouses or other heat-concentrating, nonventilated spots. And always have plenty of clean water available, inside and out.

Cats can also get sunburned while out catching rays, so consider applying a cat-friendly sunscreen — especially to light-colored ears and noses.

Fleas and ticks flourish in the summer so cat parents tend to use more topical treatments. But stay away from products containing permethrin, which is very toxic to our feline friends.

So, take heed. The dog days of summer can be tough on cats, too.

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