CUPS of pain keeping dogs from eating

CUPS of pain keeping dogs from eating

Our canine companions count on us for their dental health. But some of us could be fighting an uphill battle.

Difficulty eating, drooling and oral bleeding could mean a dog is suffering from chronic ulcerative paradental [PAIR-uh-dental] stomatitis [STŌ-mah-TĪ-tis], or CUPS for short. This painful disease often results from a dog’s immune system over-responding to plaque bacteria, which causes sores inside its mouth.

Even with frequent dental cleanings under anesthesia and multiple daily brushings at home, some dogs need to have most or all of their teeth removed to end the chronic pain. As drastic as that sounds, many of these dogs feel relief for the first time in a long time. And fortunately, today’s canines don’t need choppers to eat many types of dog food.

Ask your veterinarian for more details if you suspect CUPS in your canine.

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