Coffee as skin protectant?

Coffee as skin protectant?

One of the best products for great skin might be something you already use every day. It’s not a fancy beauty cream or wrinkle reducer, just a plain ol’ cup of joe. That’s right, coffee.

A study in the journal JAMA Dermatology details a lower risk of rosacea, a condition that causes redness and thickening skin in the face, among women who drink four or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day.

What could coffee have to do with rosacea?

Caffeine is known to contract blood vessels. It also suppresses the immune system. That’s important because, according to the National Rosacea Society, an overabundance of a type of immune cell known as mast cells is seen in significant cases of rosacea. An overactive immune response may be partly to blame for rosacea and its signature excessively rosy look.

And, it’s possible the caffeinated coffee helps tamp down that overreaction.

The JAMA Dermatology study looked at the records of nearly 83,000 women in the United States. Almost 5,000 had been diagnosed with rosacea. The study authors described a significant link between greater caffeine intake and lower risk of rosacea.

Interestingly, caffeine consumed through tea, chocolate or soda did not have the same link to a lower risk. Nor did drinking decaffeinated coffee. Good ol’ caffeinated java was the key ingredient.

Women who drank less than one cup of caffeinated coffee per month were more likely to report having rosacea than women who drank at least four cups daily.

There may be other health reasons to drink coffee, or to avoid it, based on your own health, so be sure to talk it over with your physician — perhaps over a cup of coffee.

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