Body copes well when confronted with a flood of pizza

Body copes well when confronted with a flood of pizza

This is the kind of scientific study that the pizza industry is going to love. Researchers gathered a group of healthy men ages 22 to 37 and had them eat pizza. We’re not talking a slice or two. Think more along the lines of a pizza or two.

Scientists at the University of Bath in Great Britain wanted the volunteers to eat well past the point when they feel full. Instead, they were instructed to be gluttons and eat until they absolutely couldn’t manage another bite.

The goal was to see how their bodies reacted to that onslaught of food.

Pizzas were definitely harmed in the making of this study. Recruits absolutely devoured them. Stomach capacity varied, but some participants managed to cram two-and-a-half large pizzas down their gullet. The average meal was about a pizza-and-a-half.

The tale of the blood might surprise some. The investigation revealed that humans can eat twice as much food as needed to make them feel full. Yet, the study found that the participants’ bodies adapted and kept the nutrients in their bloodstream within normal ranges.

Our metabolism is pretty good as coping with our flings with overindulgence. Blood sugar rises no higher than after normal meals. And blood lipids, or fats, are only slightly elevated.

Scientists reported that four hours after this gargantuan meal, volunteers felt sleepy and lethargic. And they had no desire to eat anything more, including tasty desserts. Big surprise.

The good news is that the occasional big meal won’t do you too much harm. But researchers note overeating regularly can still lead to obesity. So, don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

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