Wintry warnings for pets

Wintry warnings for pets

If you think your pet is happier outdoors, consider the particular challenges posed by wintry weather.

White-out conditions may increase the risk of an animal getting lost or wandering onto a road. So, on snow days, pets fare best inside or walked on a leash.

Outdoor cats sometimes climb up under parked car hoods for warmth where they risk being hurt—or worse—when the fan belt starts up. If you park outside, make some warning sounds before revving up your car. Even staying inside a car can be risky for pets in winter because vehicles concentrate the cold.

Finally, where there’s cold, there’s bound to be antifreeze—some containing propylene glycol. One lick of that can be fatal for a dog or cat.

So while your buddy can still have some wintry fun, make sure it’s with  supervision.

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