When the cat’s meow becomes too much

When the cat’s meow becomes too much

Did you know that adult cats don’t meow to each other? That’s right. Although kittens’ meow at their moms to signal their needs, adult cats only meow at us. And they have plenty to say.

Meowing might be a greeting, a call for attention or a way to say, “I’m hungry.” Some cats meow to be let outside or back in. Unneutered cats may produce a long-drawn-out meow — or a yowl — calling for a mate.

Senior cats suffering from cognitive disorders might meow if they become disoriented — or for no apparent reason at all. If that’s the case with your meowser, it’s time for a veterinary checkup. In fact, any cat meowing excessively might be trying to communicate pain or distress.

If everything checks out medically, there’s likely a behavioral reason for the vocalization. Your veterinary team can offer suggestions for that, too.

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