When minutes count in the heat

When minutes count in the heat

We talk about this every summer, but some pet owners haven’t gotten the word. Four words, that is: “Hot cars kill pets.” We all need to be vigilant to save pets from overheating.

Remember that even on relatively cool days or in shady areas, the interior of a car can become dangerously hot — and in a shorter time than you would imagine.

If you see a car-bound animal in distress, there’s no time to waste. As a concerned bystander, you have several choices. If the car is in a parking lot, you can report the problem to a store manager. Alternatively, you can call the police or animal control. In fact, consider keeping these numbers on speed dial on your cell phone.

Because minutes count, consider doing all of the above. In this case, it’s way better to be safe than sorry.

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