When fear of noise is a pain in the neck

When fear of noise is a pain in the neck

If your older pooch lately seems frightened by loud sounds, it’s likely more than a simple noise phobia. Your buddy might be in a world of hurt.

Older dogs that develop anxiety around sounds may have underlying pain in their muscles and joints. If a loud noise startles a dog, the tension can be painful to inflamed joints and tendons. Anyone who’s had a jump scare while nursing a broken rib knows exactly what I mean.

Once a dog links noise to pain, he’s likely to become even more anxious. He may shy away from places or people that he associates with loud sounds — or he might avoid pets that make too much noise. That sort of vicious cycle can create real behavior problems.

So, if your dog is suddenly sensitive to sound, check in with your veterinarian. Your pooch’s reaction could be a pain in the neck — literally.

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