When cat meets pup

When cat meets pup

When introducing a new puppy to your resident cat, you need a slow, steady game plan to make good impressions.

First, set up your furry friends in separate rooms, each with canine or feline amenities. That way, each can hear and smell the other at a safe distance. Over the next few days, be sure to spend quality time with each pet in turn.

Once they’ve adjusted to each other, place a pup-scented cloth in the cat’s room and vice versa. You might also use a stress-relieving pheromone product to help soothe your pets’ nerves.

The next step is resettling your cat in the pup’s room and vice versa. Consider doing this several times until your buddies seem at ease.

Then, with your pup on a leash and an escape route at hand for your cat, try a face-to-face encounter through a barrier. Your pets’ responses will give you some idea of next steps.

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