When canine licking goes awry

When canine licking goes awry

Licking is how dogs bathe every day, but there can be too much of a good thing. If your pooch licks so much that it’s affecting their quality of life—or yours—it’s time to look for an underlying trigger.

The most common cause of excessive licking in our pooch pals is allergy. Allergies to pollens, dusts or other airborne particles often incite licking between the toes, along the inner thighs or on the rear. Parasite allergies—notably those involving fleas—can also cause excessive licking, and so can food allergies. That’s why in some cases, allergy testing may be in order.

Certain behavioral disorders, like anxiety or obsessive compulsive overgrooming, can also result in excessive licking.

So, if your pooch is licking way too much for comfort, visit your veterinarian to get the diagnostic—and treatment—ball rolling.

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