When antibiotics lose their power

When antibiotics lose their power

Inappropriate use of antibiotics is driving the development of antibacterial resistance—not just in people but animals, too.

In dogs and cats, certain species of staphylococcus [sta-fuh-luh-KAA-kuhs], pseudomonas [soo-duh-MOW-nuhs] and campylobacter [KAM-puh-low-bak-ter] have developed resistance after antibiotic use.

Related bacterial species in horses have taken a similar path, sometimes necessitating the legal—though off-label—use of human antibiotics.

Livestock are struggling, too. Drugs once used to treat pink eye and respiratory disease in cattle have lost their clout against common bacterial pathogens. Resistance is also rampant in bacteria that are commonplace in swine and poultry production.

It’s scary to consider a post-antibiotic world. That’s why we need to follow medical and veterinary advice to salvage the power of these lifesaving drugs.

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