What you can do to help endangered species

What you can do to help endangered species

When you consider the plight of endangered species, it’s easy to feel defeated. After all, what can you do to impact such a global problem?

The answer is, plenty — and it begins in your own backyard. For starters, when you do your spring planting, don’t buy invasive plants. Remember, these plants were not from your locale originally, and they can overgrow native ones if given a chance. Saving water helps too, as does using only organic pesticides. And choose plants that support the 4-B pollinators — that’s bees, butterflies, bats and birds.

As for other wild animals, don’t leave garbage outside to entice them. And when you’re driving or motoring in your boat, slow down so they have a chance to avoid you. Vehicle strikes have really devastated some endangered populations.

So, see? You really can make a difference.

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