What price canine cuteness?

What price canine cuteness?

As cute as they are, flat-faced — or brachycephalic [brā-kē-sĕ-FӐ-lĭk] — dogs, like Frenchies, Boston terriers and pugs, have lots of health problems. One of them is sleep deprivation.

Caused by sleep apnea, it’s a result of the breeds’ shortened heads and resulting upper respiratory tract malformations. Brachycephalic breeds have longer periods of rapid eye movement sleep, which is associated with increased brain activity, compared with other breeds.

Affected dogs are often sleepy during the day and can have trouble learning. They’re more apt to snore. Some dogs sleep with a ball in their mouth just to help keep their airways open.

It makes you wonder: Does the cuteness factor in flat-faced dogs warrant this kind of suffering?

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