What is your hair trying to tell you?

What is your hair trying to tell you?

What does your hair say about you? Are you a rock star wannabe who sports a spiky sword-like do? Are you a free spirit with bouncing curlicues? Or are you channeling your inner Clark Kent with a more clean-cut look?

No matter what message you hope to convey through your coiffure, experts suggest you stop and listen to what your hair is trying to tell you. Your hair is a reflection of your health as well as your charm, so listen closely … it might be saying, “Help me!”

Hair has a hard enough time handling the normal stress of blow-drying, straightening, relaxing and coloring, but the havoc summer elements wreak on your locks add insult to injury. Now is a good time for some damage control after months of exposure to chlorine, sun, sand and saltwater have stripped your hair of its personality.

Many doctors say that your hair works up a thirst when it is over-exposed to the sun and saltwater. And harsh chemicals, like chlorine and hair dye, strip your hair of its pigment, where natural oils live. The result? Dry, frizzy hair and split ends. The picture grows more complicated when you realize hair is dead and can’t supply its own moisture.

So, how do you put the bounce back in your bob? Experts suggest eating protein-rich foods like burgers, shrimp kabobs or beans which are packed with zinc and folic acid. They also recommend eating yogurt and avocados, which are rich in vitamin B-5. Or try liver and cooked eggs, which are packed with vitamin B-8. The Journal of Cosmetic Science suggests treating your hair with coconut oil, which reduces the loss of protein and protects it from environmental evils. The last resort? Update your do and start fresh with a new style. Who do you want to be next?

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