Wearing socks to bed can improve your sleep

Wearing socks to bed can improve your sleep

Some people believe wearing socks to bed is vital for a good night’s rest, while others wouldn’t dream of it. But research indicates wearing socks when you slumber can help your sleep and health.

Sleeping with cold feet causes less blood to circulate, which can lead to restless nights. Pulling on a pair of socks also helps regulate your body temperature.

Nighttime sock wearing is particularly helpful for women experiencing hormonal changes during menopause. Controlling core body temperature helps combat hormonal fluctuations that lead to hot flashes, which can disrupt the sleep cycle.

Sock wearing can also decrease your risk of Raynaud’s [ray-NOSE] disease, which causes some areas of your body, such as fingers and toes, to feel numb or cold. Paired with a nice, thick moisturizer, socks can also help reduce dry feet and cracked heels.

When searching for the perfect bedtime sock, look for breathable fabrics such as merino wool or cashmere. These will help your body regulate its temperature without overheating. It is also important to ensure they fit properly.

Socks that are too tight can cut off your circulation. Compression socks should never be worn to bed unless prescribed by your doctor. To ensure good hygiene, select a clean pair before bed and change them in the morning.

If you’re insistent on bare feet at bedtime, many of the same benefits can be achieved with a warm foot bath before you go to sleep or placing a blanket over the bottom of the bed. In addition, experts recommend keeping your bedroom temperature cool.

Who would have thought the unsung hero of undergarments could have such a profound impact on your sleep and health?

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