Weaning your puppy off whining in the crate

Weaning your puppy off whining in the crate

A key part of training a puppy usually includes crate training, to keep your buddy safe and out of mischief. But what if your dog whines in the crate?

It takes any puppy some getting used to — especially one that’s newly separated from a litter. First, make sure the crate’s big enough for comfort but not so big that it isn’t cozy. Adding soft bedding and a safe toy helps, too. Most pups want to be near their family, so placement’s also important.

If your pup still whines, try to ignore the behavior until it stops, then reward your little one by opening the door. Dogs should think of their crate as their happy place, so make it accessible all the time — and never use it as punishment.

One more thing: If the whining’s a new thing and your puppy’s already crate-trained, discuss the behavior with your veterinarian.

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