Vaxing down a feline killer

Vaxing down a feline killer

Vaccination works. We can tell by the scarcity of certain once-common viral diseases. But we can’t let our guard down, because the pathogens are still out there.

Feline panleukopenia [pan-luke-oh-PĒN-ē-ya], also known as feline distemper, was once a leading cause of death in cats. That’s because the virus is everywhere, exposing cats of any age, although young or sick cats are most susceptible.

Panleukopenia is also very contagious, spreading wherever cats congregate. Outbreaks are especially common in urban areas and when warm weather brings cats together. Recently, dozens of cats had to be removed from an animal shelter in Georgia because of exposure to a single unvaccinated cat with panleukopenia.

So, whether your feline friend is indoors only or outdoors, too, don’t skimp on vaccinations. Talk to your veterinarian about what’s needed for your cat.

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