Tumors in young dogs

Tumors in young dogs

Most of us assume that cancer is just a problem for older dogs. But some forms of cancer — particularly oral ones — affect youngsters, too.

For example, a pink, cauliflower-like mass inside the mouth of a young pup may be a type of oral papilloma. It can affect dogs of any age, including young ones. Fortunately, it doesn’t usually spread and surgical treatment — though aggressive — is often curative.

Other oral tumors can develop in dogs less than a year old. Some can invade the bones around the mouth or grow into the nasal cavity and cause breathing problems. Others, like viral papillomas, often resolve on their own but are infectious to other dogs.

This underscores the importance of routine veterinary exams. You can do your part by regularly checking your dog’s mouth for new lumps or other abnormalities.

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