Truckers and their pets

Truckers and their pets

In a nation full of pet lovers, even truckers have a yen for animal companionship.

In 2013, over 60 percent of truckers were pet parents, and 40 percent of them took their pets on the road. Nowadays, you might see dogs, cats, parrots … even pot-bellied pigs as trucker pets.

It makes sense from the trucker’s point of view. They’re away from their families for long stretches, and pets counter the loneliness.

With a few breed and weight restrictions, most trucking companies don’t mind either. They want to keep their drivers happy in the midst of a nationwide shortage.

But what about the pets? For many dogs, it’s a win-win-win: being with their favorite person, riding in a vehicle and getting exercise at truck stops. As for the others, truckers do an amazing job tricking out their rigs to make their pets comfy.

What’s your take on it?

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