Trimming your cat’s nails solo

Trimming your cat’s nails solo

Frequent nail trims are part of keeping your cat safe, so it helps if you can trim them yourself.

Start with a cat nail clipper that’s sharp enough to cut quickly. Styptic powder also helps in case you clip a nail too short.

Try wrapping your cat in a towel, extending one paw at a time, or having your cat lie on your lap, facing up and away. Start by just rubbing a paw for a bit. Once your cat’s comfortable, press a toe and extend the nail. Offer a treat after every short session.

For the next step, let your cat explore the clipper. To get your buddy used to the sound, clip a piece of dry pasta nearby then offer a treat.

Next time, start by clipping one nail, removing only the point. Gradually try more nails, offering treats as you go.

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