Tracking down feline arthritis

Tracking down feline arthritis

When dealing with pain, cats respond very differently than dogs. That’s why painful conditions, like arthritis, are often underdiagnosed in our feliPne friends.

More than 90% of cats over 10 years of age likely suffer from arthritis. But instead of limping or crying, cats soldier on. They try to stick to their routine, although moving slower, which many pet parents just chalk up to old age.

So, veterinary researchers have compiled a list of six questions for owners to answer in helping to track down early signs of feline arthritis. First, does your cat jump up normally? How about jumping down? The same goes for climbing up steps and then coming down. Can your buddy run normally? And is he still able to chase moving objects?

Once diagnosed, the good news is that most arthritic cats thrive with appropriate pain relief.

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