Tips for stays at dog-friendly hotels

Tips for stays at dog-friendly hotels

When you’re planning a stay at a dog-friendly hotel, keep a few things in mind.

First, make sure your dog has identification, including a microchip. When you reserve a room, choose the ground floor, if possible. That way, it’s a shorter trip outside and you won’t have to navigate the elevator. Also, if your dog likes playing, downstairs neighbors won’t be disturbed.

Before letting your pooch explore the room, take a good look around to check for hazards, including stray medications. Consider bringing your dog’s favorite blanket from home to cover the bedspread and make him feel at home.

If you need to leave your pooch alone for a little while, he’s safest in his crate. Just make sure the hotel knows how to reach you in case he starts crying.

Then once you’re set, give your furry friend a healthy snack while you order room service!

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