Things not to do with cats

Things not to do with cats

If you’re new to cat parenting, here are some tips on what not to do with your feline friend.

Most cats don’t like attention foisted on them. Instead, they’d rather come to us when they want it. Cats are also skittish about direct punishment — that is, taps on the backside or loud voices. They get scared, both of the threats and the person making them.

With your cat’s safety in mind, don’t buy plants or flowers unless you know they’re safe for your buddy. And although most cats love to play with string, yarn or thread, swallowing these items can create a medical emergency.

On the topic of play, don’t start hand-playing with your buddy. Before long, your cat swiping at and nibbling fingers can become an annoying and dangerous habit.

Cats are super sensitive. Taking time to get it right now will make you both happier down the road.

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