The sinister sago palm

The sinister sago palm

Every year, toxic plants take a toll on pets. But one that’s a growing threat across the country is the sago palm.

Once found only in the South, this lush, spike-leaved plant is now a landscaping staple in many states. The increase in sales has come with a 200-percent upsurge in cases of sago palm toxicity. And the sobering reality is that up to 75 percent of these cases are fatal.

Although its seeds are the most toxic, all parts of the sago palm are poisonous when eaten. Affected dogs will vomit, bleed and go into liver failure. If instituted right away, intensive care in the form of intravenous fluids and liver support can help. Without it, the vast majority of poisoned dogs don’t have a chance.

Many pooch parents aren’t aware of the dangers of sage palms, so spread the word. You might just save some lives.

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