The perils of zinc toxicity

The perils of zinc toxicity

Pets get into all sorts of trouble, and sometimes that means eating the darndest things.

Take pennies for example. Depending on the size of your pet, a penny might block the digestive tract. But even more ominous is the potential for zinc toxicity. That’s because pennies minted after 1982 contain large amounts of zinc.

Once a penny is exposed to stomach acid, the zinc leaches out and starts doing its dirty work. From severe anemia to kidney failure, the effects of zinc toxicity can rapidly become life-threatening.

And pennies aren’t the only problems. Other sources of zinc include zippers (especially on jeans), staples, nails — even some lozenges and lotions.

Zinc toxicity requires aggressive treatment. If you think your pet has eaten something containing zinc, seek veterinary care immediately.

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