The perils of saltwater

The perils of saltwater

The dog days of summer often include romps in the water for our pooches. But if it’s saltwater you’re frequenting, take heed.

Dogs get thirsty pretty quickly when they’re running and playing on the beach. And if there’s no other water available, they might choose the ocean to quench their thirst. But that’s a dangerous idea.

Saltwater pulls body fluid into the digestive tract. That causes an upset stomach, which can result in vomiting. Before you know it, your dog can become perilously dehydrated. Sea water can also allow for excess sodium to accumulate in the blood, which can adversely affect the brain.

So, whenever you plan a beach day with your pooch, bring along lots of fresh water. Also beware of playing fetch in the waves, because your dog will ingest saltwater in the process. And take a break in the shade every 15 minutes or so.

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