The ongoing battle against heartworm disease

The ongoing battle against heartworm disease

As the days warm up, it’s mosquito time again. But hold on — in some parts of the country, mosquitoes are around virtually all year.

That’s why the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round administration of heartworm preventatives. Dogs, cats and ferrets are all susceptible to heartworm disease, and treatment is far more difficult than prevention.

In addition to prophylaxis, the AHS recommends draining standing pools of water and keeping heartworm-prone animals indoors during peak mosquito activity. In high-risk areas — that is, where heartworm is especially prevalent — they even suggest using environmentally approved mosquito repellant on pets for another layer of protection. But before using any product, make sure it’s safe for your pet.

That’s the name of the game: safety. It’s what heartworm prevention is all about.

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