The comforts of cat trees

The comforts of cat trees

When it comes to soothing our feline friends, cat trees do a world of good.

First, cat trees are just plain fun. Cats can indulge their joy of jumping while getting a bird’s eye view of their territory. And placing a cat tree near a window can double the excitement.

Cats also depend on height for safety, because they can see what’s coming. On a cat tree, even a fearful feline can feel secure in a wide-open room, especially if an A-frame bed is added to the perch for cover.

If you have more than one cat in a battle for dominance, a cat tree can smooth ruffled fur. When the cat highest in the pecking order claims the top perch, it sends a message to the less dominant in the group.

Just make sure you pick a cat tree that’s large enough and sufficiently sturdy to accommodate your furry friend — even with a leap to the highest perch.

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