That cup of coffee might be doing your heart a world of good

That cup of coffee might be doing your heart a world of good

Treat your heart to a cup of coffee. Or two. But hold the sugar and cream.

An investigation that analyzed data from more than 21,000 individuals who participated in a several heart studies found an interesting association between the health of your ticker and coffee drinking.

The researchers looked at data from three independent heart studies using machine-learning techniques. The great news for Java aficionados was that they found each of the studies showed an association between drinking one or more cups of Joe per day to lower, long-term risk of heart failure.

In fact, the Framingham Heart Study, one of the three examined, found the risk of heart failure fell 5% to 12% per daily cup of coffee people consumed, compared with individuals who didn’t drink the beverage at all.

In another of the heart studies, scientists found the risk of heart failure dropped 30% for those who drank at least two cups a day.

At the same time, drinking decaffeinated coffee either made no difference to heart health or actually increased risk.

The study’s authors note they will need more clear evidence before doctors can start recommending people drink more coffee to improve heart health in the same way they tell folks to quit smoking. They also note too much caffeine can cause its own problems, like that jittery feeling or even sleeplessness.

And scientists note one big caveat. Adding sugar or high-fat diary products like creamer kind of defeats the purpose of drinking your favorite brand of coffee to improve heart health.

So, take your coffee black. And while you’re at it, eat well and exercise.

Maybe you’ll enjoy a long, coffee-drinking life.

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