Taking the yuck out of pet toys

Taking the yuck out of pet toys

It’s so much fun watching pets play with their toys. But as they blissfully gnaw and lick, they’re creating a bacterial paradise. And if that well-loved toy makes its way onto a bed or a couch, the whole family could soon be sharing that microbial mess.

So, give those toys a once-over now and then. Pitch the ones that are disintegrating but save the others for a good cleaning.

Hard rubber toys clean up nicely in warm soapy water. You can also use the dishwasher — just skip the detergent and let hot water do all the work. Rope toys also fare well in the dishwasher — or you can soak them in cold water, then microwave on high for a minute.

As for pet-safe cleaning products, vinegar and water are an inexpensive option — but pet-friendly products work too.

And when you’re done, make sure you wash up well as well.

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