Switching a feline kibble junkie to wet food

Switching a feline kibble junkie to wet food

Because of its higher moisture content, wet food is healthier than dry for most cats. But what if your feline friend is a kibble junkie?

Don’t despair. With time and perseverance, you can make the switch to a wet food diet. If your cat’s a free-choice eater, start by converting to mealtime feeding so your buddy can get hungry. That’s key to the process.

Then, start mixing wet and dry foods or just serve them together. Each day, remove some kibble and offer more wet food. Alternatively — when your cat’s hungriest — offer the wet food before the dry. Slightly heating canned food can boost its aroma. You can also ask your veterinarian about sprinkling on a tasty feline nutritional supplement.

If at any time your cat stops eating for a day, halt the process and go back to your buddy’s preferred diet before trying again after a few days.

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