Stopping lanternflies while keeping other animals safe

Stopping lanternflies while keeping other animals safe

Since its U.S. debut in 2014, the spotted lanternfly has spread to 14 states in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest, wreaking havoc on trees, grapevines and other plants along the way.

Although traps are recommended to stop these insects, there are good ones and others that do even more harm. The worst of the latter are the sticky tape that some folks wrap around their trees. Along with lanternflies, the tape traps birds, bats, other small mammals and snakes that injure themselves frantically trying to escape. Only about 10% of these animals survive their gruesome ordeal.

A far more humane solution is the circle trap, which funnels lanternflies through a mesh and into a container, preventing injury to nontarget animals.

Many birds love eating lanternflies, so keeping them safe also allows them to eat their fill.

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