Stay in the know about insulin

Stay in the know about insulin

Two forms of insulin are now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for dogs and cats with diabetes.

ProZinc® is a recombinant — or genetically engineered — human insulin that was approved 10 years ago for feline diabetes. Just recently, ProZinc® was also approved for managing diabetes in dogs. Vetsulin® — the other approved drug — is a porcine insulin, meaning it’s harvested from pigs.

If your pet is diabetic, your veterinarian will prescribe a specific medication and treatment regimen. From that point on, you should never switch insulin products without clear instructions from your veterinarian. That’s because different types of insulin vary in strength and duration of action.

And remember: whichever insulin you’re using, make sure your pet gets regular blood tests to be certain that his glucose levels are being controlled.

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