Simple ways to get your day started right

Simple ways to get your day started right

Raise your hand and yawn if this sounds like you. You roll out of bed and immediately feel stressed, even if you slept like a log. It’s hard to be chipper at moments like this. But behavioral experts say there are some simple steps you can take to get your day off on the right foot and boost your overall well-being.

First, pick a wellness habit, then link it to a morning routine you already have. Say you get up every morning and make the bed. Link that to a healthy habit, such as spending a few moments focusing on whatever nature you see out your window, whether it’s your neighbor’s tree or the brightening sky over the city. By tacking it onto something you’re already doing, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Second, banish your phone from your bedroom. When you reach for your device first thing in the morning, you’re inviting the outside world to dictate your mood. Plenty of research shows social media can decrease your happiness over time. Don’t give negativity a head start.

Next, talk to yourself. Really. You’re probably already doing it, but use your own name when you do. If you have something big on your day’s agenda, give yourself a pep talk. Also, make sure to connect with someone positive in your life — your spouse, your child, a close friend. If your schedule is too busy to meet for a cup of coffee or even a quick call, it can be enough just to send good thoughts their way.

And remember to be thankful. Many people say a morning prayer, but just pausing to appreciate that you’re alive and all of the good things in your life can put a smile on your face.

You may not be able to dictate what’s coming your way, but you can control how you start out each day.


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