Regular veterinary check-ins for exotic pets

Regular veterinary check-ins for exotic pets

Your exotic pet may not need vaccinations like cats or dogs but regular veterinary visits are still important.

But first, find a veterinarian experienced in caring for your type of pet. You can start by searching for websites for species-specific veterinary associations.

During the first visit, your veterinarian will check your pet’s health and establish a baseline for future comparison. You’ll also receive important tips on your pet’s unique care requirements. That’s because poor husbandry is the main reason exotic pets get sick.

And don’t forget annual visits. Most exotics are prey animals and they hide their illnesses. By the time you notice something’s off, the problem may be serious. Veterinarians are trained to identify and treat medical issues early on.

So, exotic or not, plan to have your pet examined at least once a year.

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